• Sarah Douglas

Consistency is key - Princesa Sofia Regatta Debrief

This blog post is coming to you from Heathrow airport as I am in transit

to Toronto. I have just wrapped up the first European event for 2018 in Palma, Spain. After a disappointing Miami World Cup, I really focused on preparing properly for this event. I had come to Palma for a 10-day training block back in February, ‘fitness hell week’ in Mexico in March and 5 days on the water before this regatta. Even though my coach missed my 5 days on the water before the event (lost passport), I went out with the Americans (thanks Coach Steve Mitchell for always being so kind) for some speed tuning and then joining everyone for races; I felt ready for racing.

Palma can get a mix of conditions which is what we got, but luckily it was sunny and warm for most of it! The racing had tricky shifty winds and it was important to get off the start line cleanly with the correct 1st beat strategy. I had very inconsistent scores this event, I rounded either top 10 or bottom 10 which is not a good way to put together a series. My coach and I have completed our data analytics for the regatta and found that whenever I started midline I struggled to get off cleanly. I wasn’t good at scrambling from there and would round the first mark at the back and would have to fight to gain boats for the rest of the race. Whilst when I started at the end, I rounded top 10. Very inconsistent races for me and a black flag resulted in 32nd overall of 113 sailors. This was a very strong fleet, with all the top sailors from around the world competing. Here are results.

I really do enjoy Palma, it’s a beautiful island with a gorgeous city. I really enjoyed travelling to Spain this trip and I hope to come back next year. I am heading home for a short 10 days before heading back to Europe for the World Sailing World Cup in Hyeres, France (April 24-29). I am already looking forward to getting back on the water and to improve from my mistakes made in this regatta.

Stay tuned.