• Sarah Douglas

European Championships Recap

Updated: May 24, 2018

This year has been a busy one, each activity had a purpose and goal; every gym session, every hour on the water, every regatta and every time I travelled. All to perform and achieve my goals at the World Championships this past August in Holland. These last 8 months have been meticulously thought out about what skills and preparations were required to reach the top. My nutrition, gym program, logistics, budgeting, technical skills and so many more all played a role in my success in August. This all being said, we had our eyes on the prize at World Championships. Months and months of preparing and then in just 6 days it was over. Extremely happy with the work I put in and the success I achieved at World Championships, finishing 12th in the world. After competing, it was time to head back to Toronto, rest and reflect on the last 8 months.

The opportunity to sail in the Laser European Championships arose and we decided to head to Barcelona to compete. Unfortunately, with only two days on the water before the first day and not sailing after worlds, I did feel unprepared and communicated that to my coach. Barcelona had tricky conditions and the lack of preparation really showed. I did have some good races and finished the event in 32nd of of 90 sailors. Check out my Facebook page for more photos of me racing. Moving forward, I am still happy I went to Barcelona to compete. Barcelona is a beautiful city and the regatta showed a couple of holes in my sailing. More specifically, my lack of sailing in a large swell. These holes have been identified and will go into planning the next year and various training blocks and regattas.  Now it is time to rest, recover and hit the gym. I am still finalizing my training schedule but I will be heading to Mexico and Florida in the winter for training and competing in Miami World Cup in January.Stay Tuned.