• Sarah Douglas

No Pain, No Gain in the Gorge

Every training camp serves a purpose; whether that's gaining knowledge on a venue, working on technical skills, a fitness focus and preparing for a regatta. Last week in Cascade Locks (The Gorge) Portland, the focus was endurance and technical skills. The Gorge is an incredible place to sail in the summer and I highly recommend sailors to try to sail there at least once in their life. The river provides high winds, waves and an upwind current creating long downwinds and shorter upwinds. Due to the geography of the river and mountains surrounding, the wind turns around the river bends, creating an upwind course throughout the river. 

I say "no pain, no gain" as an endurance camp in 20 knots definitely hurts both physically and mentally. Pushing yourself to the max on the upwinds and still hiking hard at the top of the beat is what is required in regattas. We had a good group at this training camp, a total of 6 boats was perfect for the drills we were doing. After a long session on the water, it was still important for me to get to the gym during the training camp and ensure that I am eating the right foods to fuel my training. This training camp was a huge success for me and I am feeling strong and confident in the breeze going into Worlds. I am back in Toronto for only a week as I head back to Medemblik, Holland on Monday for a training block with some international training partners. Thank you to my coach Vaughn Harrison and International Sailing Academy for an epic training camp. Stay Tuned.