• Sarah Douglas

Ready, Set, Rumble for World Championships

Being stuck in the airport seems like the perfect time to get a blog post done. I have been in the Amsterdam Airport for what seems like a lifetime but its just been a combination of delays, cancelled flights and 2 days of the same lounge food with intermittent sleeping. My flight yesterday was cancelled to then have our 9am flight this morning moved to 1:30am which has resulted me being in the airport for 20 hours. I'll for sure have to get a massage when I return home.

I have been in Holland for the last 2 weeks training on the water to prepare for the World Championships starting August 21. The training camp was incredibly successful; our focus was speed, downwinds and mixed in a few races each day. We decided to sail downwind across the iJsselmeer, approximately 20km in 25knots with big steep waves. This day was a blast and ended with me smiling as we took our sails down, hopped in the coach boat and prepared for the tow home. Since this downwind was such a success we decided to go another time but it went from fun to out of control, and a little scared as a 30knot puff came into action. All-in-all, I am confident in my skills in the big breeze if we have those conditions at Worlds.Hopefully my flight takes off tonight (well actually at 1:30am!) and I'll have one week in Toronto of rest, hitting the gym and making sure everything is set for when I come back for the World Championships!Stay Tuned.