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Ways to contribute to Sarah's campaign: 

Laser sailing and an Olympic Campaign has various costs associated with the training and travelling required to reach the top of the world circuit. Donations made towards Sarah's campaign will go towards flights, equipment costs, accommodations, regatta fees and many other associated costs.

In 2020, I will be way from Toronto and travelling around the world for various training camps and regattas. I will be spending a total of 17 weeks abroad before the Olympics. 2 trips to Australia, training at the Olympic Venue and several trips to Europe for training and competitions. The countdown to Tokyo 2020 is on! 

Here are some costs to give you an idea of what it takes to do an Olympic campaign:

New sail: $850 each (New one needed for every major regatta)

Round trip to Europe: $1,300 each 

World Championships entry fee: $475

World Championships mandatory charter boat: $1,235

New lines: $200

Make a tax-deductible contribution to Sarah's campaign online through the Wind Athletes Canada donation page.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? The Radial provides many places for company logos either on the sail or hull. Let's talk about what works best!

Not a Canadian resident? Are you outside of Canada? PayPal is the best option to contribute to Sarah's campaign. 

Thank you to all of my supporters! 
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